Welcome to MADHOUSE.Love!

Whole Food Plant Based, Wild Crafted, Witchy Delights!

The food we create is Whole Food Plant Based, meaning it is:

100% Vegan
Gluten Free
Refined Sugar Free
Oil Free
Salt Free

We are here to create delicious food that anyone can enjoy and that’s good for your health, the animals, and the planet.

Need beautiful and health wise vegan treats for an event? Shoot us a message on our contact page. We are currently selling at farmers markets in Vancouver Island B.C. so check out our events page for where to find us each week! The food we prepare is 100% vegan, whole food plant based and incorporates local wild foraged goodies into every custom dish. Check out our gallery page for some past creations.

What is MADHOUSE.Love?

Here at MADHOUSE.Love we bring you a unique and delicious culinary experience while encouraging an ethical, sustainable, and vegan lifestyle. We love our animal friends and advocate for a whole-food plant-based diet, our philosophy is to educate on the benefits of this diet as well as the destructive impact animal agriculture and animal product consumption does to not just our bodies, but also the planet, and the many creatures that inhabit it.

Meet the MADHOUSE.Love Team!

Lexi Vigilante & Dan Kemp

These two mad scientists have a passion for helping the planet, animals (especially cat’s), and the wild and magical power of plants!

Lexi (the Chef/Artist) has had a long career filled with fine arts, finer food, and wild flowers, and a desire to combine her passions for plants, painting, and pretty things (and alliteration) into one crazy dream. Together with the help of Dan (an actual scientist) and a passionate plant lover himself we bring you MADHOUSE.Love! Both finding ourselves walking the road of enlightenment after learning more and more of the destruction animal agriculture has done and continues to do to our planet, our bodies, and of course the animals, we like many others made the switch to a vegan lifestyle.

Lexi first discovered veganism through independent study, after coming to understand all the health benefits a plant based lifestyle provides as well as the destructive impact the animal agriculture industry plays on our environment. Lexi finally fully began her journey into plant based wild crafted cooking after completing her Red Seal Chef Certification in Professional Cooking and Culinary Arts and settling in Victoria B.C.

Shortly after beginning her culinary journey, Lexi learned that the true magic was in a Whole Food Plant Based diet, one free from refined additives and processed junk. A diet comprised of evidence based real food and real ingredients, truly eating for your health. After watching films like “What the Health”, “Cowspiracy”, “Game Changers” as well as the works of Dr. Micheal Greger of “Nutrtionfacts.org” and the likes of Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Kim A. Williams, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwelll Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard and many other plant based doctors, cardiologists and their ground-breaking research on the power of Whole Food Plant Based eating (resources linked below) in addition to the amazing work done by climate scientists and animal activists to shine a light on the grim world of animal agriculture and how it destroys our earth and its inhabitants.

Dan was inspired to switch to a vegan lifestyle after meeting Lexi and learning through many conversations and research about the impact animal exploitation has on our minds, our bodies, our environment, and those we share our environment with. Both of us shared a desire to escape the 9-5 template, live more simple and sustainably, and to do something greater to combat the increasingly dire state of our earth. So we threw on our gardener gloves and Chef hats and started making magic!

Our Goal is to create an all inclusive haven for those seeking sustenance free from animal products, gluten, refined sugars, high fats/oils, and sulfites/salt. We want to create a place where you can eat a cake, donut, burger etc. without fear of increasing your blood pressure, blood sugar, or waistline! Food that looks and tastes amazing without the guilt! It sounds like magic, or even madness, but we prefer to call it MADHOUSE.Love!

Our Story

This is Loki, my best friend and partner in crime for 8 long years. Like all lost loved ones he was taken from this world way too soon and it is in his memory that I dedicate MADHOUSE.Love and every creative thing that comes out of it. MADHOUSE.Love is a vegan establishment for many reasons, but it will always remain so because of him, because I can’t believe in the blatant hypocrisy of loving one animal and eating another.

– Lexi Vigilante