Whole Food Plant Based, Wild Crafted, Witchy Delights!

Here at the MADHOUSE.Love the food we create is Whole Food Plant Based, meaning it is:

100% Vegan
Gluten Free
Refined Sugar Free
Oil Free
Salt Free

We are here to create delicious food that anyone can enjoy and that’s good for your health, the animals, and the planet.

Need beautiful and health wise vegan treats for an event? Shoot us a message on our contact page.
We are currently selling at farmers markets in Vancouver Island B.C. so check out our events page for where to find us each week!
The food we prepare is 100% vegan, whole food plant based and incorporates local wild foraged goodies into every custom dish. Check out our gallery page for some past creations.

What is MADHOUSE.Love?

Here at MADHOUSE.Love we bring you a unique and delicious culinary experience while encouraging an ethical, sustainable, and vegan lifestyle.
We love our animal friends and advocate for a whole-food plant-based diet,
our philosophy is to educate on the benefits of this diet as well as the destructive impact animal agriculture and animal product consumption does
to not just our bodies, but also the planet, and the many creatures that inhabit it.

Evidence Based Eating

Here at the MADHOUSE.Love we are dedicated to providing you with not just the tastiest and prettiest vegan treats on Vancouver Island, but the healthiest as well!
That’s why everything on our menu is not only 100% Vegan but also Whole Food Plant Based,
that means we do not use any refined sugars, oils, salts or refined carbohydrates, additionally we are entirely gluten free.
All of our food is delivered in its unrefined (albeit ground up) plant form,
this means all of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber in our products remains intact and you get to reap the health benefits
from all those fruits and veggies we use to create our junk free junk foods! Everything from cookies, donuts, cakes, lasagna, pizza’s, and breads to unique nut butters, apparel, and more! We are a madhouse of love and witchy delights!

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable,
all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.
There are many ways to embrace vegan living.
Yet one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey –
as well as avoiding animal-derived materials, products tested on animals and places that use animals for entertainment.

*Definition from: The Vegan Society

What is Whole Food Plant Based?

A Whole Food Plant Based diet is the only diet that has ever been proven to reverse heart disease (the #1 cause of death worldwide) in the majority of patients: a diet centered around whole plant foods. It may also be effective in preventing, treating, and arresting other leading killers and chronic diseases such as diabetes, most forms of cancers, and much more.

Interested in learning more about Veganism and all the benefits of eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet? Or why we avoid common refined and processed ingredients? Check out these great online resources and videos:

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